Ben Banet


Ben Banet is our sweetest #TripLeadTuesday yet! Benana Banananet is our friendly neighbourhood baker who blesses Peaks with his supply of cinnamon rolls, banana bread, and National Geographic quality photography. He also happens to be #instafamous, so you better go like his IG posts because he can probably run you over in his souped up Subaru. 

MAJOR: Conservation GIS Mapping
HOMETOWN: Saint Louis, Missouri
BEN IN 3 WORDS: Outside is home
PEAKS IN 3 WORDS: Connections in nature
FAVOURITE PART OF BEING A TRIP LEAD: The experiences generated from being outside in natural places with the company of incredibly unique and talented individuals from professors to students really gives participants in the club (at all levels) a memory and tangible experience that's like nothing else I've gotten at USC.

ADVENTUROUS BUCKET LIST ITEM: Climbing all of the California 14,000 ft peaks
RECENT READING RECOMMENDATION: Rereading Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey in anticipation of a trip to the Utah desert. Hoping to gain some insight in the ways that Abbey looks at the landscape.
AVERAGE POST-HIKE NAP: About 2.5x whatever I plan. Not much good at hearing alarms.