David Gregg

Today's tantalizing, terrific, tremendously thrilling #TripLeadTuesdayfeatures our terribly talented and trustworthy David Gregg. He's nothing if not reliable, even when he gets intents.

MAJOR: Chemical Engineering
HOMETOWN: Appleton, Wisconsin
DAVID IN 3 WORDS: Ready for adventure
PEAKS IN 3 WORDS: Innovative, entrepreneurial, communal
FAVOURITE PART OF BEING A TRIP LEAD: Meeting and spending time with our phenomenal assortment of trip leads

RECENT READING RECOMMENDATION: East of Eden- one of the many books I read outside this summer, in this case the epic story was paired with the epic sights of Yellowstone
FORESTS OR DESERTS: Deserts- something is especially mystical about a desert sunrise
MESSAGE TO YOUR YOUNGER SELF: Be comfortable making a lot more mistakes!
AVERAGE POST-HIKE NAP: Like every nap I regularly take: 26 minutes exactly

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