Daphne Armstrong

You can find Daphne in a hammock sippin’ on some Capri Sun watching hour-long Vine compilations and scrolling through thousands of saved memes in her camera roll. She does, however, engage in other more ~intellectual~ pursuits such as listening to her fav podcasts (“How I Built This” and “Ted Radio Hour”) and reading works by her fav astrophysicists, Carl Sagan and Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Though Daphne hails from St. Louis, Missouri, she has embraced the California lifestyle wholeheartedly, spending her weekends surfing at El Porto, skiing in Mammoth, or camping in Joshua tree. Daphne puts off making a life decision (picking a major) because as long as she doesn't choose one it feels like anything remains possible. Instead, she goes for a hike with friends or rewatches Season 5 Episode 14 of The Office for the fiftieth time.

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