Dinu Abeywickrema

Dinu hails from Los Gatos, CA, a small town a little north of here in the land of engineers and silicon. In LG, she spent most of her time in the pool or the ocean, and more often than not, smelled like chlorine. Being sure she'd have to give up her proximity to hiking trails, redwoods, and the greenery of the Santa Cruz mountains when she moved to USC, Dinu was surprised to find LA had some giant peaks of its own, and it wasn't all beaches, concrete, and shopping malls, (clearly she has very little grasp on geography, be wary). Now, when she isn't accidentally climbing Upper Yosemite Falls or binge-watching Netflix, Dinu spends her time tracking down watering holes, hot springs, and any other bodies of water. Dinu is a junior studying Environmental Science and Health, who is currently struggling with balancing her new-found inability to digest dairy and her cravings for chocolate milk & milkshakes.

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