Grace Carballo

Director of Media

Grace or Graciela, as folks call her nowadays, is currently in a committed long-distance relationship with Peaks and Professors, carefully balancing her studies in Nicaragua with her social media communications with her beloved fellow Trip Leads. Given her slowly-developing Spanish abilities, she has not yet asked any of her Nicaraguan professors to hike with her, but she has embodied the motto "Think Outside" (as pictured at the summit of a very steep corn field outside of Matagalpa). She eagerly awaits her triumphant return to USC and Peaks and Professors, because there's really nothing like a good hike with good people. If you're reading this and considering signing up for a trip but have your personal qualms, sign up and rest easy because Graciela has exercise-induced asthma, sweats profusely, and often lacks directional sense, yet still she is cherished and has a leadership role among us, a true Cinderella story.