Hanna Fahsholtz

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VP of External Membership

Born and raised in Spokane, WA, Hanna grew up taking the beautiful mountains and lakes of the Pacific Northwest for granted. After arriving in urban Los Angeles, she realized that not every city is covered in pine trees and quickly joined Peaks and Professors in her quest to find more green things; since then, she has grown to love the less-green-but-equally-cool mountains of Southern California. Hanna is a senior majoring in Narrative Studies with minors in International Relations and Spanish but, thanks to a lifelong fear of commitment, has explored pretty much every non-STEM program at USC. Ask her about social entrepreneurship, hip hop as a life philosophy, commercially viable kelp aquaculture, and why you should exclusively use song lyrics as computer passwords! When not wracked with indecision, Hanna enjoys describing episodes of 30 Rock in detail to people who definitely care, reading, and practicing with her amateur street basketball team (which competes only 2 days per year: follow @teambucket.official for more info).

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