Joelle Burkhardt

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VP of Technology

Joelle has considered changing her LinkedIn title to "Dirtbag Engineer" or "Hype Animal", but decided these epithets are better suited for this bio. Hailing from Boulder, CO, Joelle is a senior/progressive master's student studying Chemical Engineering, Nanotechnology, & Materials Engineering, and will be working at Microsoft Devices on XBox, Surface, & HoloLens post-grad. Tech is rad, but the ability to zoom into nature and broaden our perspective on some of the world's most complex problems is even RADDER. Disconnect to reconnect, dig? That's why Joelle joined Peaks. In her free time and units she also studies Classic Rock, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, and Star Wars Cinema. Chat her up about cradle-to-cradle supply chains, modular product design, mixed reality, the Pacific Northwest, 1960s counterculture, or her secret only-spread-by-word-of-mouth Album Listening Club. Huzzah!

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