Lisa de Rafols


Since leaving her hometown of Reno, Nevada, Lisa de Rafols (@lisadewaffles), has become a fierce defender of the city she was once so desperate to leave and she'll be sure to inform you that Reno 911 was actually filmed in Vegas. Growing up with two of her very own professors, Lisa soon came to love the peaks in the Sierra Nevadas they took her to, whether it was on foot or on skis. She caught the backpacking bug after completing a portion of the Camino de Santiago in 2016 and has been dreaming of international backpacking trips ever since! At USC, Lisa is satisfying her love for the world beyond the Village by majoring in Economics and International Relations and can be found making jokes about Angela Merkel, wearing linen pants that look like pajamas, and falling off her longboard. If you see one of her majestic falls, please laugh. 

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