Mark Yeager

Like the peaks he loves to climb (with professors), Mark is tall. Really tall. He towers anywhere from 6’4” to 6’8” based on the current state of his hair. Speaking of states, he is originally from Virginia, but moved to California the summer before his junior year of high school; or, in the words of Childish Gambino, he "got penthouse on both coasts; pH balance." He is an Econ/Math major with a minor in Spanish. 

In his spare time, Mark loves to listen to good music (i.e. “Hungry” by Fergie feat. Rick Ross), drink milk (only whole milk, the others are trash), and play games (i.e. his IM soccer team “It’s About to Get Messi” & endless rounds of the card game Hearts). Other fun facts about Mark include: he does not eat candy; his tiny, three-door, red Hyundai is far too small for his body; and he reads a lot. Ask him about his book club, BookMarks!

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