Marla Ross

Born and raised on a farm in rural Ohio, Marla is often the butt of lamentably accurate corn/ agriculture jokes, and relates deeply to the early 2000's television series "Smallville" (but without the cool superpowers). Moving to Los Angeles to escape the cornfields, she soon found herself longing for such wide open spaces once more, and took to seeking the different natural reprieves Southern California provides (i.e. mountains and deserts baby).

A Cognitive Science major, Marla spends a lot of time thinking about thinking but not thinking about her future, and instead focuses on short-term goals relating to her minors in Spanish and Education. When not trying to get outdoors or avoiding important life decisions, Marla can generally be found napping, trying out new recipes, waxing poetic about the comedic genius of Mel Brooks, or getting humiliated in both athletic and cognitive endeavors by elementary school students (generally not in combination). 

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