Tejas Ramdas


Tejas is a junior majoring in computational neuroscience with a minor in philosophy. Basically, he likes to think about thinking without actually accomplishing much. Although he hails from the crowded, humid metropolis of Mumbai, he did live in Cleveland, OH for one year, a fact he conveniently forgot about until the Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA Finals – exemplary glory hunting. Tejas’ rather unimpressive hiking career incidentally began in the Yosemite Valley when he was 5, so he decided to return to the good old Californian sunshine for some more adventuring, hopefully without being carried around this time. His proudest achievement to date is having maintained a meticulous inventory of screws for his robotics team, a task that demanded immense dedication and an indubitable passion for spreadsheets. He spends his free time hiking with professors, trying to wrap his head around the Imperial system, struggling to improve his erg split, and eating free pizza at the Polymathic Academy.