Colleen Corrigan


Colleen is a sophomore double-majoring in Human Biology and Non-Governmental Organizations and Social Change with a minor in Environmental Studies, but don’t ask her what she plans on doing with any of that because she has no idea! She grew up in Corvallis, Oregon, a small town where kids learn to recycle before they walk, there are more Subarus than people, and it rains like, EVERY day. Eighteen years in this pure place turned Colleen into a tree-hugging, granola-munching nerd.

She still doesn’t know how to pump her own gas, but ask her about her ridiculously cute dog, how to master the art of powernapping, or her favorite books. When she’s not camped out in the So Cal wilderness, she’s probably camped out in Leavey (#stemreaxonly) or running, skiing, playing tennis, and procrasti-baking.

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