Weezy Dai

VP of External Membership

A Lisbon native & Toronto local, Weezy is a sophomore pursuing a dual degree in Public Relations & Nutrition - not that she knows where she's going with that (possible future lawyer?). She traded lakes & forests for deserts & mountains, but LA's year-round sunshine makes up for the lack of canoe trip opportunities. She's played the violin for 15 years, is possibly the most enthusiastic person you will ever meet, can only lucid dream, and intends to live to 150 yrs old by drinking a lot of green juice. Weezy hikes so she can one day be strong enough to personally carry all of the animals out of SeaWorld and put them back into the ocean, but exploring the beautiful outdoors is a nice bonus in the meantime. She spends a lot of time thinking of captions for the Peaks Instagram and eating baguettes, but if you see her around feel free to ask her about Justin Trudeau, airplanes, or cookie dough.

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