Weezy Dai

VP of Technology

Weezy is a junior double majoring in Human Biology and Public Relations. Her goals in life include becoming the Creative Director of Patagonia and an adventure wedding/elopement photographer - probably not at the same time though. She traded Toronto’s lakes and forests for California’s deserts and mountains, but LA's year-round sunshine makes up for the lack of canoe trip opportunities. Weezy hikes so she can one day be strong enough to personally carry all of the animals out of SeaWorld and put them back into the ocean, but exploring the beautiful outdoors is a nice bonus in the meantime. She’s got a penchant for buying last minute international plane tickets, using & abusing exclamation points, and voice dictating everything. Weezy spends a lot of time in the Beverly Hills Whole Foods, but if you see her on the trail feel free to ask her about Justin Trudeau, airplanes, and banana bread.