Zach Manta

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Were you born in raised in the charming town of Hinsdale, Illinois in the western suburbs of Chicago? Are you an Environmental Studies major with a psychology minor? Do you co-direct the Environmental Core, design for the Mindful USC Student Sector and play on the USC Men's Ultimate Frisbee team? Do you fill your head with podcasts such as Tangentially Speaking and the Duncan Trussell Family hour? Are you fascinated with the lifestyle of the North American Beaver and think that it's near-extinction during the European settlement of the lower 48 was among the greatest tragedies in the natural world? Are you excited to lead Peaks trips to the Mojave Desert and ask professors questions that sound kind of dumb but are actually thought provoking and not *that* dumb? If so, you're either Zach Manta or just really really really really really weirdly really similar to him.

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