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Bear Creek w/ Andrew Simpson {Linguistics}

Join Dr. Andrew Simpson on an exciting adventure through the San Gabriel mountains! As he puts it, “This is a real wilderness hike, about 8 hours, most of which time you don't see anyone else. It's along a creek, often with little path in sight, a lot of boulder-hopping or wading through the river if the water is high. The group needs to be a little hard-core for this, as it's a tough hike, but really special.”

PLEASE NOTE: You will get wet on this hike. Repeatedly. We’ll encounter 20+ river crossings, many of which will require being knee-deep in water. Come prepared to walk through the river and keep on walking.



DIFFICULTY: 5/5, 10.2 miles, 1000 feet elevation, 20+ river crossings

SCENERY: Water. Trees. Water. Rocks. Water.

FUN FACT: This trail got its name from the many encounters with grizzly bears that the pioneers had along the creek. Lucky for us, there aren’t any grizzlies here anymore.



Andrew Simpson is the chair of the Linguistics department and an avid hiker whose studies have taken him around the world, from Africa to Europe to Asia. He always great stories to tell, whether from his time as a safari guide in Africa or from unusual linguistic encounters in LA. Join us to talk to him about his current studies of East Asian languages (in any of the dozen or more languages he knows).



Ya’ like hiking?

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ADDRESS: Bear Creek Trailhead, Azusa, CA, 91702