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Eagle Rock w/ Jed Fuhrman

Did you know March 25, 2018 is Waffle Day in Denmark? That's pretty cool... But do you know what's even cooler?!? Learning about bees and marine biology from Dr. Jed Fuhrman while feeling the cool breeze under the warm Los Angeles sun as you hike up Eagle Rock! After the hike and if time permits, we may take a quick stop at Dr. Fuhrman's house to check out his very own beehives 🐝🐝🐝 But whatever you do, make sure you don't bring bananas or eat some before or during the hike because bananas will make the bees go bananas and sting you because bananas contain chemical signals for them to attack! 😨


PEAK: Eagle Rock


SCENERY: We will hike up Eagle Rock in Topanga State Park. Once we're up, we will scramble a bit and have a wonderful view of the San Fernando Valley and the Santa Monica Bay!

FUN FACT: The fact is that you'll have fun :^) 


PROFESSOR: Jed Fuhrman

Dr. Jed Fuhrman completed his B.S. Biology at MIT and later a Ph.D. in Oceanography at UC San Diego. Currently, he conducts research on microbial biodiversity and the intricate network of microorganisms in the marine environment. But little do people know, Dr. Fuhrman is a beekeeper and knows a great deal about our precious, natural pollinators. #savethebees



Has yet to win an Oscar.

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ADDRESS: 20942 Entrada Rd Topanga, CA 90290


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