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Canyon Drive Trail to Hollywood Sign w/ Barbara Nance & David Isaacs

When you hear the words "Los Angeles," what comes to mind? If your answer included "entertainment" and "mountains," you're right! (Traffic would also be an acceptable answer.) Come spend your Saturday in nature with two USC screenwriting professors firmly embedded in the entertainment capital of the world. With credits on shows like The X-Files, House of LiesThe Simpsons and The Jeffersonsyou don't want to miss out on the opportunity to get to know Barbara Nance and David Isaacs. In addition to hiking to the iconic American landmark that is the Hollywood Sign, we'll take a detour to see the original Bat Cave used in the 1960s Batman series and countless other films and shows!


Peak: Canyon Drive Trail to Hollywood Sign

Difficulty: 3/5 

Scenery: Breathtaking overviews of Griffith Park and LA!

Fun Fact: During the 1987 USC-UCLA rivalry week, Trojan students attempted to transform the Hollywood sign to 'USC!WOOD' but were tragically caught before they could finish the job :(

Nance and Isaacs.png

Professors: Barbara Nance, David Isaacs

Department: Screenwriting

Faculty Page: Barbara Nance, David Isaacs

Despite graduating from college with a degree in Computer Science, Barbara Nance fell in love with the art of screenwriting and has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. Her writing is generally focused on one-hour drama television. An active member of the Writers Guild of America, Professor Nance began teaching at USC in 2016. 

Over the course of his career, David Isaacs has been involved in 800+ episodes of TV comedy, either as a writer or as a producer. David's work on everything from M*A*S*H to Mad Men gives him a uniquely diverse view on the world of screenwriting and entertainment in general.


Trip Leads: Julienne Dawidoff, Ben Watkins


Read Julienne's bio here. Read Ben's bio here

Address: 3200 Canyon Drive, Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA 90068


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