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Paseo Miramar w/ Dr. Giorgio Coricelli {Neuroeconomics}

  • 860 Vista Pacifica Street Pacific Palisades, CA, 90272 United States (map)
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Join on us on this beautiful day hike close to campus! Scenery will include views looking West over the Pacific Ocean and Pacific Palisades. Should be a great way to get out and enjoy some sunshine as it finally warms up again!

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PEAK: Paseo Miramar Trail

(Topanga State Park)


SCENERY: Awesome views of the Pacific, greenery, birds

FUN FACT: The word Topanga from the Shoshonean language meaning 'above' and referring to the canyon settlement being above the flood waters of Topanga Creek.


PROFESSOR: Dr. Giorgio Coricelli

DEPARTMENT: Neuroeconomics

Professor Coricelli is one of the few professors at USC cool enough to have his own Wikipedia Page! He is a leader in the field of neuroeconomics research (how your brain processes economic decisions and why they are made). Dr. Coricelli has worked with Nobel-Prize-Winning economists, and is a critical part of the neuroeconomics program at USC! You can check out his faculty page here.

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TRIP LEAD: Jack Elliott

Contact Jack:

Read Jack’s bio here.