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Portuguese Bend + Tidepools w/ Myka Winder

Feeling tide down? Not shore if you can make it another weekend without some great sea-nery? Well then look no further! We'll be bringing you sweet views of the southern California coastline and new friends (both aquatic and otherwise) as we trek along Portuguese Bend and explore some of Palos Verdes' finest tidepools with Professor Myka Winder.

Can I get a shell yeah??


PEAK: Portugese Bend + Tidepools

Bring on the starfish!


SCENERY: On the trails we'll be treated to sweeping views of the Palos Verdes coastline and the Pacific Ocean. At the tidepools we'll come face-to-face with some of said ocean's cutest critters: starfish, urchins, anemones, and some phat sea hares.

FUN FACT: Sea hares are not actually hares at all, they're mollusks with cute lil' antennae things ("rhinophores," aka olfactory organs) coming out of their faces. Scientists think this makes them look like hares lying down. Agree to disagree.

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PROFESSOR: Myka Winder


Occupational Therapy


"Myka is the absolute sweetest professor out there!! She is so knowledgeable and facilitates great discussions about the content. "

"Myka is a gem and should definitely be on your USC bucket list."

Is there anything Myka Winder doesn't do?

Professor Myka Winder is a professor of Occupational Therapy at USC (meaning she's an expert not only at occupational therapy, but also at explaining what exactly that is) and she has also worked in early intervention with children with developmental delays and disabilities.

In her spare time, Professor Winder is also a lifeguard at some of LA's best beaches and is the Faculty in Residence at Pardee Tower, where she inspires super adorable freshman alongside her husband and her super adorable daughter.



If you come hike with me you will 100% get to see me kiss a sea hare. 

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