Meet Our 2018-2019 executive board


President - Weezy Dai

The President oversees the six Vice-Presidents and with those VPs, leads the weekly General Meeting for all Trip Leads. In addition, the President is responsible for setting the overall mission and direction of the club as well as leading the weekly P-Board meetings. Unofficial responsibilities include inducing countless groans due to bad puns and active participation in the Meme & Photoshop Committee.

Finance - Dario Offstein

The Vice-President of Finance oversees the financial health and well-being of the organization, including managing all pricing, reimbursements, and refunds throughout the semester. The VPFinance also ensures that the club's activities are accessible to all students, regardless of financial status, with the vast majority of day-trips priced at $10 or less. You can't buy love, but a Peaks' trip is a reasonable substitute.

Internal Membership - Ben Watkins

The Vice President of Internal Membership handles all things Trip Lead, from overseeing Peaks Pham bonding to planning Retreat to recruiting each year's new class of Trip Leads. In addition to active programming focused on improving the Trip Lead experience, the VPIM is also responsible for ensuring all pertinent information is disseminated to the Trip Lead population alongside copious amounts of highly relevant memes, photoshopped images, and painfully hilarious puns. 

Communications - Oscar Li

The Vice President of Communications is in charge of communicating with all parties outside the trip lead group. This involves responding to emails, social media updates, the Think! part of the website, and all design and branding aspects of the organization. Have anything to share? Slide into our Insta DM’s, message us on Facebook, or send those ravens our way into our Gmail inbox!

External Membership - Colleen Corrigan

The Vice-President of External Membership oversees our relations with everyone outside the Trip Lead team through social media wizardry, external events, and ground-breaking design. The VPXM builds our #branding and is responsible for how we interact with our publics, from participants to professors to the media. You can slide into our DMs if you have a sponsorship idea for an event, a favourite shade of blue, a friend at another university interested in Proliferation, or just a really good pun you'd like to see in a caption.

Technology & Operations - Tejas Ramdas

The Vice-President of Technology oversees the website and all aspects of technology and #innovation. With an affinity for solving ambiguous problems, the VPTech troubleshoots technical issues with ENTHUSIASM. The VPTech may or may not actually know any code, but is a master of forecasting in order to predict potential risks and enable Peaks' tech to scale with our organization's rapid growth.

The Vice-President of Operations is the wizard behind the Trip Wave curtain and oversees all registration procedures and systems involved with trip releases.The Vice President of Operations is the behind-the-scenes engine for trip releases and participant registration. Although the VP of Operations normally keeps a low profile, when trip signups crash or participant registration goes awry (because Peaks is just that popular), the VPO jumps into action. Master of all things copy-and-paste, the VPO makes sure links are in the right place and pages are all set for participants to have a smooth sign up! 

Head Trip Lead - Mark Stephenson

The Head Trip Lead is the resident trip planning guru, helping to oversee the 200 (and counting) trips that Peaks puts on. With a knack for trail finding and trip planning, they’re on top of all the outdoors logistics and make sure that even the most ambitious Peaks trips go off without a hitch. On any given weekend, you’re just as likely to find them climbing a mountain or exploring the desert as on campus.