Driving for Peaks

No, you will NOT have to do this on a Peaks trip (unless you really want to). Image Credit:  Ben Banet

No, you will NOT have to do this on a Peaks trip (unless you really want to). Image Credit: Ben Banet

We LOVE our drivers. You are the life-blood of Peaks.

Peaks is only possible because of our student drivers, and we are so so so grateful for you and all you do for us. If you can drive for us, we highly encourage you to do so. Our drivers make it possible for other students to participate and we appreciate you endlessly.

What Does Being a Driver Involve?

Driving for Peaks mostly consists of meeting up at TroGro, driving to the trailhead, and parking in a neighbourhood or parking lot. It is very rare that you'll have to off-road or do anything beyond being a simple carpool. Some of our more ambitious overnights may require off-roading, but that will be very explicit in the trip description and our day hikes rarely require anything beyond driving on average roads. In exchange for helping us out by driving, you get a reduced registration fee and you get reimbursed for gas.

Being Reimbursed for Driving:

We reimburse you for the cost of gas, parking, and park entry fees. 

We want to make sure you get generously reimbursed for gas. We calculate a set value for gas beforehand based on your trip's round mileage, using the average gas price in Los Angeles @ 20 mpg. (As of Spring 2019, the average gas price in Los Angeles County is $4.065. We round up.)

An example calculation:
100 miles / 20 miles per gallon * $4.10 per gallon = $20.50

We understand that some people have cars with less mileage than that, which is totally fine. If you'd rather calculate your price, just fill up immediately before and after the trip, show us both, and we'll reimburse you for the cost of the second receipt.

Your trip lead will obtain your Venmo username after your trip is complete so we can reimburse you. If you don't receive your Venmo reimbursement within 1 week after you provide that info to your trip lead, please email contact@peaksandprofessors.org with your trip details. If you would prefer a form of payment other than Venmo, please let us know beforehand. If you have any driving-related issues on the trip or feedback for how drivers are treated or reimbursed, please reach out to us (same email as above) - we want to hear from you!

Once again - thank you for driving. You make the outdoors affordable for all of us and for that, we cannot thank you enough.

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