Tyler Jenss


It's our honour to feature our graphic design saviour, Tyler Jenss, in today's #TripLeadTuesday. We don't know what his favourite colour or preferred flavour of ice cream is, but we do know he has a great sense of humour and can mould miracles in Photoshop. Do us a favour and don't harbour any resentment towards him for telling everyone he's from NYC when he's really from NYACK, New York - we're sure it's a nice neighbourhood. Hit read more if you're sick of seeing all these Canadian spellings.

MAJOR: Business Administration, Minor in Architecture
HOMETOWN: Nyack, New York
PYLER IN 3 WORDS: Doesn't conform to rules
PEAKS IN 3 WORDS: Peaks and Freaks
FAVOURITE PART OF BEING A TRIP LEAD: Meeting new people, like Canadians who spell favorite with a U

ADVENTUROUS BUCKET LIST ITEM: Hugging penguins in Antarctica
RECENT READING RECOMMENDATION: Managerial Accounting Course Reader (it has incredible character development)
FAVOURITE CAMPING FOOD: Peanut puree and berry compote gently spread and enveloped in two pillowy slices of baked flour mixture, cut diagonally
THEME SONG FOR YOUR LIFE: Theme song from Curb Your Enthusiasm
CLASS YOU WOULD TEACH AS A PROFESSOR: BUAD 472 - Professional Procrastination
FUN FACT: President John Quincy Adams managed to overcome his crippling lack of badassery by keeping alligators as (thoroughly badass) pets in the white house
3 ITEMS TO BRING TO A DESERTED ISLAND: Water, food, and a seaplane

Bonus points if you can count how many words were spelled with a Canadian U in this post. Nyack.