Weezy Dai


The final #TripLeadTuesday of the semester is the face behind these posts & puns. She feels weird writing this in the third person but assures you that she's much happier about this all than she looks in the picture. Just for this post, Weezy Dai is tolerating the fact that she had to be tagged as Louisa instead of Weezy. Hit read more before she just deletes her Facebook for not letting her change her name.

MAJOR: PR & Human Bio (Nutrition)
HOMETOWN: Toronto/Lisbon
WEEZY IN 3 WORDS: Junk Food Vegan
PEAKS IN 3 WORDS: Puns & passionate people
FAVOURITE PART OF BEING A TRIP LEAD: Feeding other people is my greatest passion. The more people I meet through Peaks, the more people I can bake for. (Okay but actually - I love that Peaks is what you make it.)

ADVENTUROUS BUCKET LIST ITEM: Learn how to swim. A necessary first step towards more adventurous bucket list items. I can't afford to drown, I intend to live until I'm 150.
RECENT READING RECOMMENDATION: Courage by Osho. (Love some good 20th century philosophy.)
FORESTS OR DESERTS: Lakes. I'm a canoe trip gal at heart.
THEME SONG FOR YOUR LIFE: Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit (duh!)
FUN FACT: I once won a national photography competition with a photo of myself.
AVERAGE POST-HIKE NAP: I don't know how to nap properly. If I took a post-hike nap it would just end up being a second sleep.

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