Nadine Curtin

VP of Internal Membership

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Nadine spends most days by the beach with a book in hand and plenty of snacks. A brief lapse in judgement led her to believe she wanted to move to Texas for college, but alas, after just one year, she missed her beloved ocean too much and returned to the homeland and USC. Nadine is a Junior studying Social Sciences and Spanish, and hopes to be a first grade teacher because she's scared of growing up and wants to be a kid forever. When not reading cheesy romance novels or the Harry Potter series for the 8th time, Nadine spends her time walking back and forth between her bed to the fridge in the hopes that food magically appears (it doesn't). Upon finding no food, Nadine then maybe picks up her guitar, kicks the soccer ball around, attempts to touch her toes in yoga (still a work in progress), and gasps for air while slowly walking up mountains.

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