Peter Bergmann


President (2016-2018)

Peter Bergmann is currently a senior studying Economics/Mathematics with a minor in Dad Jokes and Puns. Originally from the weird and wonderful city of Portland, Oregon, Peter is almost as cool as his home town. Having spent a summer in Beijing studying Mandarin, you would think he would be one with the culture, but while he was there he mispronounced his Chinese name so badly that every person he met thought his name was "Nose". When he isn't hiking with USC's coolest professors or mispronouncing his name, he loves running absurdly long distances. He has run two marathons and five half-marathons, so naturally his primary hobby is eating. In Beijing, he ate 70 potstickers in one meal just to see how many he could finish. Follow @bergmannbites for food pics.
In addition to being a Trip Lead, Peter was once upon a time a Resident Assistant in Birnkrant and has held leadership roles in USG and the Economics Association as well as President of Peaks. 

You can read Peter's Trip Lead Spotlight here.

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