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Switzer Falls w/ Jonathan Markowitz

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Looking for a chance to escape the USC bubble before midterms begin?? Join us for a hike to Switzer Falls, a classic ~3.5 mile hike in the San Gabriel Mountains. Accompanied by IR professor Jonathan Markowitz you can hear all about his briefing of the state department on security in the Arctic and more in his upcoming book project. You also may or may not have the opportunity to see running water that isn't one of the bajillion fountains on campus! Don't miss out!! 

Peak: Switzer Falls


Difficulty: 2

Scenery: stunning mountains and a waterfall that is hopefully flowing after the recent rain

Fun Fact: Constructed in 1894 by Commodore Perry Switzer, this back country camp became a thriving resort when purchased by Lloyd Austin in 1911. The camp featured cabins, an open air dance floor, a croquet field, tennis court, and a library. Austin and his wife lived here until his retirement in 1936. All that remains today are some wood-burning stoves scattered along the trail.

Professor: Jonathan Markowitz


Department: International Relations

Faculty Page: Here 

Ratemyprofessors: "Professor Markowitz is easily the best lecturer I have ever had. Not only is he knowledgable, but he conveys the material in a great manner. I have walked out of every class thinking about the material I learned.


Professor Markowitz's research focuses on power projection and grand strategy, as well as the political implications of climate change and resource competition. Primarily, he seeks to explain when states choose to build power projection capabilities and why they project power to pursue different strategic objectives. Professor Markowitz recently briefed the State Department on his research findings. So cutting edge!! 

Trip Lead: Amanda Scott



Read Amanda's bio here



Sign Ups: 1/21/18 @ 9pm

Included: Stickers!

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