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Cave of Munits w/ Ben Graham

Only 40 minutes outside of the USC bubble, we will be heading to Cave of Munits. Unwind before the week begins with this short, easy hike with only a wee bit more effort required once we actually reach the caves. It is not every day that you can go on a 2.1-mile loop with as much excitement as the hike to the Cave of Munits and Castle Peak. And you get to do it with an awesome professor. Added bonus because Ben Graham, his wife, and three adorable children will be joining us for this hike and chances are you have already seen them scrambling around campus and or eating in a dining hall. 

PEAK: Cave of Munits


SCENERY: Caves!!

FUN FACT: This area used to be privately owned land with a warning about violators being shot.



DEPARTMENT: International Relations


RATE MY PROFESSOR: "Prof Graham is a very intelligent, well-spoken teacher who is also approachable." "He is engaging and gives career advice."

Professor Graham is an IR professor who you may have seen around campus with his three kids and wife who will all be joining us for this hike. Professor Graham is a founder of the Security and Political Economy Lab on campus. He has a wide array of research publications ranging from his fun Washington Post pieces applying findings from my academic work to current policy debates (including one on how widespread adoption of Bitcoin would threaten national governments ) to one of his more recent projects involving creating an international political economy data resource. 


TRIP LEAD: Amanda Scott

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