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Echo Mountain w/ Erin and Brett Carter

Are you ready to travel back in time to the 1890s?? Back in the day, Echo Mountain was the site of a resort that drew tourists from all over the world to take in the views of Southern California. It was destroyed in a wildfire, but now we get to hike the trail up to the summit with the company of two professors who might not be able to tell you about 19th century California but can tell you all you need to know about African and Chinese politics! Erin Baggott Carter and Brett Carter will join us on this hike to the ruins of the resort!

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PEAK: Echo Mountain


SCENERY: Views of LA on one side and the forest on the other!!


Thaddeus Lowe, who built the resort, was an aeronautic inventor whose expertise was in balloons!

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PROFESSOR: Erin and Brett Carter

DEPARTMENT: International Relations

RATE MY PROFESSOR: they just came to USC so they don’t have one yet but this is my rating of them: “5000/10, Brett and Erin are so excited about what they teach and love helping their students, both are equally as awesome!”

Brett Carter and Erin Baggott Carter came to USC just a couple of years ago! Brett is a specialist on all things Africa and focuses on the autocratic institutions in the continent. Meanwhile, Erin is an expert on China and studies Chinese foreign policy and media strategies. Together, they run the Lab on Non-Democratic Politics, where undergrads research autocratic politics and propaganda! Fun fact: they met at Harvard when Brett asked Erin if he could use her thesis to teach in his class. They are the couple goals of academia and the IR department!



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