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Switzer Falls w/ Shannon Gibson {International Relations}

Study days who?? We don’t know her! If you’re not quite ready to hit the books, hit the trails instead with Dr. Shannon Gibson (and her dogs, pictured above!) for moderate, 4.5 mile loop through Switzer Falls. There will be trees, leaves, and lots of falling water with some great views of the San Gabriel Mountains along the way. Did I mention dogs?


  • Water!!

  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses (you know the drill)

  • Lunch/snack-y items

  • A good attitiude;)


  • Puns

  • Alliterations

  • Dad jokes

  • PUPS


Switzer Falls.jpg

PEAK: Switzer Falls


SCENERY: From waterfalls to sweeping views of the Angeles Nt’l Forest, this trail’s got it all!

Peaks and Pondering: Is water wet?


PROFESSOR: Shannon Gibson

DEPARTMENT: International Relations

RATE MY PROFESSOR: “Had to take one of her classes, cause everyone is always talking about her! One of the best IR profs at SC. She's young and fun and has a lot of recent research experience which is quite interesting if you're into social movements and protests.”

Dr. Gibson teaches courses on global environmental politics, globalization, global public health, non-state actors and social movements. She’s an accredited observer with the United Nations, a member of ISA, ASA, Climate Reality Leadership Corps, Climate Justice Project, Global Justice Ecology Project , and the recipient of USC’s 2017 “Fem-vironentalist of the Year” Award in 2017!

She received her Ph.D. in International Studies from the University of Miami in 2011. From USC’s website: “Her research focuses on the role of civil and “uncivil” society participation in transnational politics. As part of her dissertation, "Dynamics of Radicalization: The Rise of Radical Environmentalism against Climate Change,” she conducted field and participant observation research at a variety of international summits, including World Social Forums in Brazil and Senegal, the 2010 G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, and the United Nations climate negotiations in Copenhagen, Cancun and Paris in order to assess the impact of environmental social movements and activist networks.” In short, she’s had some pretty incredible experiences in environmental politics, so tag along to hear all about them!


TRIP LEAD: Colleen Corrigan

Sophomore double majoring in Human Biology and NGOs and Social Change with a minor in Environmental Studies!

Contact Colleen:

Read Colleen's bio here.

ADDRESS: 701 Angeles Crest Hwy, Tujunga, CA 91042