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Anacapa Island w/ Rebecca Broyer {Chemistry}

  • Anacapa Island, California 9 (map)

If you’re ~diene~ to get off campus (and off the mainland) then join chemistry professor Rebecca Broyer on an overnight trip to the Channel Islands, the “Galapagos of North America!” We will be visiting Anacapa, the smallest of the Channel Islands, and spend our time exploring the 1 square mile of volcanic rock, sea caves, and cliffs. Get ready for mind blowing sunset watching, card game playing, and seagull/pelican/sea lion sighting. With so little land and so much time, we guarantee you will leave having formed ionic bonds with one another. Camping will be primitive (we'll bring our own food, equipment, and water), so get ready for an adventure! *Price includes boat ticket, food/water, and campsites*


PEAK: Anacapa Island


SCENERY: Panoramic ocean views that will blow you out of the water.

FUN FACT: The island supports 265 species of plants, including two found only on Anacapa and 20 found only on the Channel Islands!

Much like how the Chemistry Department would be little without Dr. Broyer, Peaks and Professors would literally be lost without her as she is one of our advisors! Inside the classroom, Dr. Broyer specializes in organic chemistry but outside of the classroom you can find her hiking, backpacking, surfing, and even snowboarding. Fun fact: visiting the Channel Islands has been on Dr. Broyer’s bucket list for a while so join her on what’s sure to be the trip of a lifetime!


TRIP LEAD: Ellie Lo Re

She once was described as “Michelle Obama’s arms” by a buzzfeed quiz!

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TRIP LEAD: David Gregg

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ADDRESS: Anacapa Island, California